Monday, 28 February 2011

Out to 3 More People :-)

I had a great evening out in London town over the weekend. Great because I finally came out to my (now ex) work colleagues! You'll remember that I was really frustrated by the fact that I wasn't out to them while I was working there. I hate it when people don't know because then I always feel slightly on edge around them, waiting for the right moment to tell them. When people don't know I don't feel like I am my true self and I don't feel like they are true friends. But at the same time I still find it hard to actually tell people. You know, the usual crap!

The way it played out this time was interesting though; similar to other experiences I've had in the past and similar to what I know a lot of masculine gay guys end up encountering at one stage or the other. In one way it's the masculine gay guys saving grace when it comes to coming out. When I meet people they don't automatically think that I am gay because on the outset I'm just like any other guy - albeit better looking and more charming of course ;-) But as time goes by and people get to know me I think they begin to realise the truth even if I don't explicitly hint at it. This is particularly the case for girls (and especially hot girls), as if you don't show any interest in them (in that way) then they just assume you're gay. Of course this is not always the case and I think it tends to be the more cosmopolitan and worldly people that catch on sooner and are more laid back about it.

So back to this past weekend. I met three of my ex-colleagues (two girls and a guy) for drinks and we went out to a couple of really cool bars in London and progressively got more and more drunk. At the second bar we were all standing around talking when one of the girls (Y) turned to me and out of the blue said 'so what's your type?' I hesitated for a bit but fortunately I was drunk enough and felt comfortable enough with them (they're really cool people) to say the truth. After a moments pause I said 'well...first of all...male'. When she didn't react I asked if she had known I was gay. She said she hadn't until X (the other girl) told her a few weeks back at which point X chirped up and said 'I knew as soon as I realised that you weren't interested in me!' Lol I thought that was pretty confident of her but she is really hot and has guys falling around her all the time so I saw her point. Neither of them seemed particularly shocked or surprised - a sign that maybe people are becoming more used to masculine gay guys. X confirmed this when she said that at her old work there had been loads of gay guys who you just would never guess were gay. The guy there didn't add much to the conversation but didn't seem too bothered about it either. It was really nice how the whole situation was just such a non-event. The conversation lasted about two minutes in total before we all just carried on talking about other things. 

And so in the end it was a great night out and now I feel like I've got three new true friends in my life :-)

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  1. thats sick dude!! im really happy it went down fairly easily... congrats :)