Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Hats Off to Steven Davies

The English cricketer Steven Davies came out as gay the other day. He's the first openly gay cricketer and one of only a handful of professional sportsmen who has publicly come out. I can't even imagine how difficult coming out in the public eye must be especially if what you're famous for is playing a manly sport. It makes our own individual struggles with coming out seem so insignificant! And while I agree with those who say it shouldn't really create such a big media storm I understand why it does and I think it should until it becomes more commonplace. It is so refreshing to see people like Steven come out, as once again it helps break the stereotype. And the effect that that has on people out there like me in terms of helping them become more confident with who they are should not be underestimated. I really hope that more gay professional sportsmen are as brave as Steven and come out soon.

I found the video interview he did with The Daily Telegraph really interesting because I was able to relate to so many of his experiences and feelings. And like me he's 24 - so if anybody has his number let me know :-)

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