Sunday, 13 February 2011

Getting My Gaydar On

This weekend I set myself the goal of getting into the whole online dating world. Namely, Gaydar!

I had set up an account a few months ago but hadn't really done much with it up until now except for a bit of general browsing. But yesterday I signed up for full membership status and started making use of all the extra access that that provides.

I found the whole thing quite overwhelming though! When you're 24 and you still haven't ever had sex it's quite daunting to start putting yourself out there, especially when everyone else out there seems so experienced. And it's difficult to know exactly how to go about doing it. For example, I had a bit of a dilemma when it came to putting up pictures. I kind of want to use the site to make friends but also to have some random hook-ups if it feels right. There's no way I would ever put up face pictures for people to find but then I think that kind of limits your chances of finding genuine and nice people to make friends with because they don't immediately trust you. Putting up naked body shots seems a bit sleazy but I don't think there's much point of putting up body pictures if you're fully clothed. And if you're wanting to hook up with people then it's pretty important that they know what they're going to get. It's a tough one and I think a fine balance is needed so I ended up opting for some tasteful body shots with a whole lot of face pics stored to send privately to people I want to chat to.

Getting your profile sorted is easy though when compared to actually interacting with people! I started to get quite a few messages from guys, which kind of made me panic a bit because suddenly it was all very real and moving quite fast! Unfortunately quite a few of the messages were from really weird and scary looking guys - and I mean REALLY weird. I obviously ignored those messages and on the upside there were a couple of good one's that caught my eye. But then there was the whole problem of what are you supposed to say? It's such a weird and awkward situation. I'm particularly unsure about whether to tell guys that I'm a virgin. Will they think it's weird and run a mile or will they like the challenge? Should I just not say anything and pretend that I know what I'm doing? 

While I'm definitely very ready to get that part of my life going I do want my first time to be good. It doesn't have to be romantic or perfect or with the love of my life or anything like that. It just has to be good and something that I will want to look back on in years to come. It would suck big time if I didn't enjoy it - I'm confused enough already as it is!

Anyway, I've been chatting to a guy this evening who almost seems too good to be true. He's blonde and tanned (he's a surfer), apparently he's bi, and he just generally sounds like a pretty nice guy. I'm a bit suspicious really, as I know there are some strange people out there and like I said this guy just looks and sounds too good to be true! I guess time will tell...

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